What Options Are Available for an EPDM Roof

White TPO roof

One of the biggest reasons to select an EPDM roof is its flexibility — both literally and also in different installation characteristics. There are many options you can choose from to get a roof that meets the needs of your business, your budget and your location. Roofing professionals sit down with you to discuss your needs prior to the installation process to ensure the EPDM materials are a great fit. What aspects of EPDM roofing can you customize?

The Size of EPDM Roof Sheets

EPDM can be cut in factory to a variety of sizes. This adapts well to flat roofs for commercial buildings in virtually any industry. Even extensive manufacturing complexes can get an EPDM roof with minimal seams and excellent moisture protection. Here are the specifics:

  • 7-foot width
  • 10-foot width
  • 20-foot width
  • 50-foot length
  • 100-foot length

This allows roofing installation contractors to give you a smooth flat roof with just the right amount of overlap. You can choose EPDM sheets that are 20-feet wide by 50-feet long to cover your small business’s roof with virtually no seams. Sometimes, a 7-foot width is preferable, especially for curbs, pipes, corners, drains, walls and penetrations.

Adhesive for EPDM Roof

Getting a proper adhesion for EPDM depends on choosing the right adhesive and preparing the surface correctly. Usually, EPDM adhesive is acrylic latex based. It can adhere to wood substrate, insulation boards and concrete. If the EPDM roof is being laid over metal surfaces the adhesive must be solvent based.

Seam tape is often used to bond overlapping sheet seams together with greater speed, though other types of adhesives can be used as well. Primer must be applied first to get a high-quality splice.

Always let your roofing contractor take care of the ordering details; otherwise, you may accidentally get an adhesive that is incompatible with the type of EPDM roof you want and that can actually damage the membrane.